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Why have Mil-Spec Inc. cut and strip your wire?

Cutting and stripping is a labor intensive process that requires accuracy and precision. It is a vital component in producing quality products. Manually cutting and stripping the individual wires leave room for error and could cause indentations. This increases your physical stress on the body and financial waste, which in turn decreases your profits! In addition, the machinery and its components are expensive. Replicating consistent, fast, and affordable products are crucial to meet the demands from your clients. Mil-Spec Inc. can help you deliver!

What can Mil-Spec Inc. cut and strip?

Stripping operations can be performed on both solid or stranded conductor wire from 32 to 4 AWG (4 is stranded only), with the strip length varying by the size of the wire. Fully stripped ends can range from a blunt cut to greater than 20”. Stripped sections can be performed anywhere to facilitate splicing. Multiple wires within the same sheathing can be stripped in different lengths.The stripping machines can cut most any type of wrapped or extruded insulation, including PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE, PVC, Nylon, Polyolefin, Kapton, and fiberglass.

In the case that you have stripped your own wire and need tining, Mil-Spec Inc. is here for you!

For additional information on our tinning service, visit the referred link. Tinning

How does Mil-Spec Inc. cut and strip wire?

Mil-Spec Inc. has a multitude of pneumatic and mechanical wire-stripping equipment. We can also thermal strip! To get a better understanding of this process visually, check out the video below!

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