Value-Added Services

Mil-Spec Incorporated specializes in customizing orders to the exact needs of the customer. Wires can be dyed, striped, marked, cut to length, stripped, tinned, etched, and twisted in combinations per your specifications. Skilled technicians will conscientiously process each order to assure your complete satisfaction, and Mil-Spec’s total in-house capability guarantees that orders are shipped in a timely manner. The bottom line is that Mil-Spec’s service is second to none in the industry.

Respooling copy (Large)-min


Certain kinds of wire are known for holding their coiled shape. This is known as “memory”. In order to rid the wire of this, send your wire over to us for consistent and quick respooling! We are a variety of spools sizes that you can choose from.

Hot Stamp Machine copy-min

Hot stamp marking

To identify or customize wire, Mil-Spec can mark it with any combination of letters (A-Z) and numbers (0-9) plus “arrows” and a “dash” up to 18 characters. The space between the marks is infinitely adjustable. The marking machines can print on wires ranging from .040” to .259” O.D.

12.5' cut wire of UL1015 18165 copy-min

CUTTING (only)

Spending countless hours manually cutting each wire to precise measurements is no way to allocate your time. Using our mechanical and electronic Eubanks cutting machines, we are able to provide quality and flawless products that reflect the precise measurements our customers need. Here at Mil Spec Inc we can get it done for you quickly and accurately.

Cut and stripped wire copy-min

Cutting and Stripping

Stripping, a labor intensive process, that requires accuracy and precision, is a vital component in producing quality products. Manually cutting the individual wires leaves room for error in nicking the wire and increasing your physical and financial waste and decreasing your profits!

How wire is dyed copy-min


Consistent saturation in color is important to communicate the proper identification of said wire. Our semi-permanent dye can bleed or fade when exposed to specific solvents or hot oil.

Tinning wires copy-min


Wire can be processed to add lead-free (ROHS compliant) or lead tin to facilitate soldering. A wide range of wire sizes can be processed in this manner. Mil-Spec is in full compliance with J-STD-00ID.

Black and white twisted wire copy-min


Combinations of two, three or four conductors can be twisted together in either a right or left lay. The length of the lay (twists per inch) is adjustable. It is possible to twist conductors of varying sizes, but there are certain limits as to their combined size. Call us to discuss the details.

Etched wire copy-min


To facilitate bonding of PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) and FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) high temperature insulated wire, Mil-Spec offers a chemical/sodium etching process. Note that etching PTFE wire and cable changes the color of the insulator (i.e. white becomes tan, yellow turns into a “mustard” color, etc.).

Striped wire copy-min


The chosen wire or cable is advanced to the spiral striping head, which responsible for making custom changes to the product like the lay pattern and color. Once the desired changes are made, the wire is pulled through our heating tower.