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Why you need Mil-Spec Inc. to stripe your wire and cable?

Striping, similar to dyeing, is a process that provides easy identification to wires and cables! It allows for quick and simple visual cues to indicate what you need, even if you are across the room.

What colors do we offer?

Mil-Spec Inc. offers ten different color variations: white, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, grey, and black. We also offer pink and tan for international services.

How does Mil-Spec Inc. stripe wire?

The chosen wire or cable is advanced to the spiral striping head, which responsible for making custom changes to the product like the lay pattern and color. Once the desired changes are made, the wire is pulled through our heating tower. The heating tower ensures that the paint will adhere to the wire or cable. Then it gets inspected by our trained technicians for adhesion. To get a better understanding of this process visually, check out the video below!

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