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Why should you come to us?

This chemical process increases the wire’s ability to withstand exposure to high temperatures and harsh chemicals. This allows for a tougher and more flexible exterior.

What wire can we do it on?

We can etch on TEFLON(PTFE, FRP, AND PFA)and TEFEL insulated wire, cable, and tubing to allow for bonding.

Where should you store etched wire?

Wire that is etched should be stored in dry environments that are free of debris. It is very crucial that etched wire is kept out of sunlight to avoid UV radiation damage. This will maintain the quality of the product. We ship all etched wire in UV resistant, airtight and resealable bags with a desiccant pillows to prevent moisture build-up.

How do we etch?

To facilitate bonding of PTFE (polytetrafluorethylene) and FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) high temperature insulated wire, Mil-Spec Inc. offers a chemical/sodium etching process. Note that etching PTFE wire and cable changes the color of the insulator (i.e. white becomes tan, yellow turns into a “mustard” color, etc.). To get a better understanding of this process visually, check out the video below!

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