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CUTTING (only)

Why do you need Mil-Spec to cut your wire?

Spending countless hours manually cutting each wire to precise measurements is no way to allocate your time. Using our mechanical and electronic Eubanks cutting machines, we are able to provide quality and flawless products that reflect the precise measurements our customers need. Here at Mil- Spec Inc., we can get it done for you quickly and accurately.

What can Mil-Spec Inc. cut?

Round wires ranging from 32 to 8 gauge can be cut to any length from one inch to 999.99 inches. Special equipment is employed to cut flat ribbon cable (up to 3.20” x .125”) and a maximum tubing diameter of up to .375” (9mm) O.D. to any length from .020” to 999.99” in increments of .020” or 1mm. Mil-Spec can also cut heat-shrink tubing, round PVC or PTFE/FEP tubing and other types of linear materials.

How does Mil-Spec Inc. cut wire?

We use our industrial grade Eubanks machinery to accurately cut each piece of wire to the lengths and measurements specified. This will allow for our customers to reduce wasted material and time in order to produce their products. To get a better understanding of this process visually, check out the video below!

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