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Why should wire be respooled?

Certain kinds of wire are known for holding it’s coiled shape. This is known as “memory”.
If this memory tends to interfere with the quality of the work that is produced, send it over to Mil-Spec Inc. for consistent and quick respooling! We have a variety of spool sizes to choose from.

What can Mil-Spec Inc. respool?

Mil-Spec Inc. can respool your wire and cable for you. Call Mil-Spec Inc. for further detail on how we can help you.

How does Mil-Spec Inc. respool?

Skilled technicians place the customer’s product and the new specified spool onto our machines. As we respool the wire, we make sure it is done evenly to prevent inconsistencies in the end product. Upon request, we can make note of any splices that are on that spool. Splicing occurs when there are two conductors joined together.

To get a better understanding of this process visually, check out the video below!

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